The Society is mindful of the welfare of the community social needs and has contributed immensely to this end. We recognize that we are members of the wider society and thus has been endeavoring to give back to the community. It is our strong belief that a responsible and sustainable  approach to developing long-term relationships between business firms and the communities they serve is an important part of delivering sustainable business success.

Every year the Sacco offers competitive secondary school scholarship to the 2 best boys and 2 best girls in K.C.P.E results from our membership. Donation is also provided to the less privileged in the society including children’s homes, youth activities, environmental conservation and during the ‘Kenyans for Kenya initiative’.


  • Capacity building of MSMEs on 26th November 2022
  • Scholarship for 4 students each year (2 Best K.C.P.E Boys and 2 Best K.C.P.E Girls) through secondary education;
  • Industrial attachments/internship opportunities to college/university students;
  • In May 2018,the Society participated in the tree planting activity in St. Monica Chebang’ang’ Girls Secondary School as part of environmental conservation efforts.
  • In December 2017,the Sacco made a visit to Kericho Medium GK Prison and donated foodstuffs and interacted with the correctional facility personnel as part of its CSR role.
  • Supported the 2007 post election violence victims by donating blankets worth one million shillings.

CSR visits to the less privileged in society include

  • Kipchimchim school for the physically handicapped
  • Mogogosiek Baby home for orphaned children
  • Kids/Kipchamgaa home international for orphaned children
  • Charera home for the physically disabled among others
  • Kericho Rehabilitation Centre