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Daniel Sang - Chairman Ndege Chai Sacco Society Ltd

Daniel Sang

Board Chairman

David Kirui- Vice Chairman

David Kirui

Vice Chairman-Board

Linah Turgut - Treasurer

Linah Turgut


Dorothy Mukio - Board Member

Dorothy Mukio


James Chobit - Board Member

James Chobit

Board Member

Geoffrey Chepkwony- Board Member

Geoffrey Chepkwony

Board Member

Edwin Langat - Board Member

Everline Ng'eno

Board Member

Geoffrey Ronoh - Board Member

Geoffrey Ronoh

Board - Member

 Linah Turgut - Treasurer

 Joash Bii

Board Member














Paul Mutai - Supervisory

Paul Mutai

Supervisory Committee - Chair

Jediadah Andati - Board Member

Jedidah Andati

Supervisory Commitee

Benard Koros

Supervisory Commitee